From the President

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Happiness is a topic of much discussion these days. The recently released 2019 World Happiness Index shows the United States falling from 18th to 19th place, noting that young adults are among those least happy. Some universities have even established classes on happiness. While we can debate the root cause, the reality is that the increase in negative feelings – anxiety, stress, worry – is having an impact on today’s students and how our institution adapts to this larger societal trend.

In this issue of Drury Magazine, we explore happiness. I know from the conversations I have had over the past few years that Drury University has been a source of happiness for so many of you. It’s clear from the stories you’ve told me and from the relationships that have been forged among you that your time at Drury was marked by joy and fulfillment, which brought you happiness. At Drury, you formed lifelong friendships, explored new and challenging ideas, and found purpose and passion in your life. A family should be above all else a source of warmth, encouragement and love. Our Drury Family is certainly that.

Personally, I find happiness in gratitude. I am thankful for your ongoing support of Drury University. I am thankful for the thoughtful and energetic work of our faculty and staff. And I am always fulfilled by seeing the many ways our students achieve and define success, from the classroom to athletic competition to hands-on projects that make a difference in our community and in the world.

As we look ahead to a new era with the launch of the Your Drury Fusion™ academic program this fall, I am grateful for the work that happens every day at this institution to fulfill our enduring mission and to implement new programs or initiatives, such as the Robert and Mary Cox Compass Center and partnership with Burrell Behavioral Health, that are helping to guide our students toward happiness. I am proud of what we’ve achieved together, and I am immensely optimistic about Drury’s future.


All my best to you.

J. Timothy Cloyd