What Makes You Happy?

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It's a simple question with a complex answer. Here's how the Drury community weighed in.

“It is the simple things in life that make me happy. To name a few: a kind word or deed, a genuine smile or a hug and good music. I need music every day.”

—Debbie Goosey, executive officer assistant, University Operations and Services

“Every time I get the chance to drive down an Ozarks country backroad, I can’t help but be happy. Seeing nature and discovering hidden places out in the boonies is one of the best ways to spend a Saturday.”

—Kaitlyn McConnell ’11

“Traveling has always brought me happiness. It transports me to a simpler state of being, one where I am able to focus on the bare essentials, and, in turn, have the maximum amount of joy!”

—Bre Legan ’18

“Spending time with my family, beach vacations, sunny days, music and enjoying a good book or movie.”

—Michelle Arnold, administrative assistant, Fine & Performing Arts Department

“Listening to Drury students talk about their dreams, goals and concerns about being future educators – and then seeing that spark that follows!”

—Dr. Lori Slater, DATSE program advisor and education instructor

“Old-lady fitness class. Sunshine. My kids. My grandson, Ryan. Having the freedom to do what I want to do.”

—Sheryl Letterman ’73

“Chinese food, taking naps on the weekends, going on photoshoots with friends and binging the newest Netflix shows. 🥠 😴 📷 🎥”

—Justin R. Kuder, university digital designer

“Sunset on Drury Lane, board game nights with friends and Ultimate Frisbee.”

—Tadej Koren, MBA ’19

“Walking anywhere I have never walked before, watching my family laugh together and dancing wildly in my living room.”

—Lisa Tessier, assistant director, Career Planning & Development

“Being with my wife and two dogs. The woods of my childhood, especially in fall. Thunderstorms. Dark and lowbrow humor. Fishing/floating on the Jacks Fork River in the summer. Time with my family. Photo books on oddities or esoterica. Cartoons. Key lime pie.”

—Judge Bockman, university senior designer

“Being around those I love and getting to paint are two things that bring me so much happiness.”

—Hannah Bunch, ’12 MNCL ’18

“Time with friends and family. A great cup of coffee. Sweet videos with puppies. All the football. ❤”

—Kari Hanson ’15

“When the library is dead quiet and I can write my paper in absolute silence.”

—Forest Swisher ’21

“Seeing my family happy. Doing worthwhile things, well. Finishing projects. Reading. Singing. Being alive.”

—David Hinson, executive vice president, chief of staff, COO, CIO

“Authentic conversations, friends, critters and plants. All these things I find at Drury. My take-home stories are the feel-good moments throughout the day. Connecting with a friend, because, let’s be honest, most of us at Drury are friends.”

—Kelli Roberts, ‘11 MA ‘17, director of recruitment, College of Continuing and Professional Studies

“Cat snuggles and warm baked goods. 🐈 🍞 🍪 #furmom #bakelife”

—Emily Letterman, university writer/editor

“A long hug, a child’s laugh, a good cold drink…just to name a few.”

—Joni Allison, administrative assistant, Graduate Programs

“Fresh cut grass and a cold beverage in my hand.”

—James Pikul ’14, associate director of Admission Data, Marketing and Communication

“Traveling. My bunny, Alfie. Food. Binge-watching shows.”

—Emilia Tuxen ’19

“Sunshine, spring flowers, and spending time with loved ones! ❤ ❤”

—Kathryn Bockman ’16

“Warm weather, long drives with the windows down, and a day with my husband and our puppy.”

—McKenzie Ussery, university web developer

“Getting stuff done. Being a third of the way through a good book. Overalls. My husband and my daughter. About five poems. Coffee.”

—Emma Ruzicka, director of foundation and corporate relations, University Advancement

“Musical theatre. Basset hounds. Nordic ennui.”

—Emelia Enquist ’14, university web editor

“Craving a food and it’s just as good as you imagined when you eat it, hugs from a loved one, connecting with new places or people, feeling in awe of nature/creation/being alive, sunshine, any form of love, fresh sheets, a breeze on a warm day, long talks with good people.”

—Sarah Nenninger, university director of marketing, CCPS

Art constructed with greenery found around the Drury campus by Sarah Jones, MA '16